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Client Testimonials

barbara frank
Mr. and Mrs. Adams were very kind. patient. and professional when helping me with the selection of a headstone for my deceased husband and myself. I am very pleased with the completion of placing the headstone at the gravesite and I would highly recommend Riley-Gardner Memorial to other families when selecting a headstone for your loved one.
Travis Viator
Buyer beware, they don't do anything but take your order and money. And for a very high price and they don't use stand size stones or bases. Try to sale us smaller size stones and base then what we had already out there. Also it was 2 1/4 days after the order was place. And when we canceled they try to get 20% of the total price from us that's like $840 for doing nothing. Luckily they didn't have anything in writing. But, I bet they do now! You can order the same stones on the internet for way less with shipping. Or do like we did and go to High Cross Monument. This company has no concerns about the low quality of there products only how much they can get out of you. We save $ by using High Cross and everything is done in house even the install is by them and got much better stones. Also I was the one that got my brother to cancel the order because of the the high price for cheap size stones with nothing on them but letters.
Deborah Cavallini
The marker on my grandfather's grave was a concrete cross placed in 1954. It was starting to deteriorate from the bottom and the information on it was hard to make out. My siblings and I agreed to have a new marker put on the grave as soon as possible. We all live 200 plus miles from the grave. Bill Adams was recommended to us. Bill and Debbie Adams did so much to help us get the new memorial marker on Grandad's grave with patience, phone calls and email. They emailed me much appreciated photos after it was set at the cemetery. We also had them put a memorial marker on one of our unmarked aunt's grave in the same cemetery. We would not have been able to get our ancestors graves marked without the help we received from Southeast Texas Monuments.
Kevin Kibodeaux
Some of the most caring people I've ever met their whole focus is to make sure that you are happy with their work you will not be disappointed in using them
Geneva Hewell
I ordered a Marker from them for some dear friends that lost their son. And I loved what they did. I will use them again. MRS Adam's was very patient with me in the design and it turned out gorgeous.
Eric McGibney
I used Riley-Gardner for my father's marker several months ago and they made it simple. I waited to do this review so I could give details of the entire process. They designed the marker and gave me digital copies of it so I could make sure it was exactly what I wanted. I placed the order and they stayed in contact with me the entire time letting me know every step of the way where the marker was in it's process. The marker was delivered on time if not a little early and they set the marker at my fathers grave perfectly and also moved an existing marker to the foot of the grave with no extra charge. They had to remove a few plants that was planted but you could tell and see the level of care that was given to such a sensitive thing. On top of that, I ordered it from the Beaumont location and my dad's grave is in Cleveland TX once again no extra charge for the extra miles. Truly the best people for the job if you ask me. Thank you for a job well done...
Kristi Burgess
I cannot brag enough on our experience with Riley-Gardner Memorials! Mrs. Adams was so kind and helpful throughout the process of designing a memorial marker for my dad. We had been to other companies and were not met with a fraction of the degree of kindness and sincerity that she demonstrated. She walked us through the entire process and truly made us feel like her heart was in our build. We are forever thankful for her sweet spirit, her genuine compassion, and her exemplary customer service during this difficult time. The marker is beautiful! The customer service is unmatched! I would recommend them to anyone!
Matthew Leblanc
Very reasonable prices very fast service thank yall so much
Molly B Hebert
I trusted Riley Gardner to create the memorial for both of my parents. My father had used them before to do a memorial for my brother, which turned out perfectly. I can’t begin to tell you the level of professionalism, the prompt service and the fantastic quality of their work. At the time, most of us are under duress...not sure what to do, they guide and help you through the process, patiently sending revisions electronically until you are satisfied! They do what they say they will do, when they will do it and lived up to their promise. Not so much as a blip, during the time we needed compassion and professionalism, I just can’t recommend them enough! Reminder to self.....get my own done so my kids don’t have to worry when the time comes.