Riley Gardner of Southeast Texas

McKay Monument Bench

This style of bench is available in any of our color selections. The lettering is sandblasted, but on black granite, one can select laser lettering if desired. In this design, the lettering is all sandblasted and the photo is a laser etched photo. As seen, the base seat is mounted on top of extended granite from the boulder portion, and the seat is 36 inches x 14 inches x 4 inches and is all polished. The boulder with the extended portion for the base is 57 inches x 6 inches x 38 inches and polished on the front and back. The portion under the seat is frosted (polished removed). The base upon which the monument rests is 66 inches x 12 inches x 6 inches and polished on top. The flower vase is all polished, tapered, 10 inches, medium size, and mounted on a pedestal as seen on the left. There is engraving available on the vase that can be either laser etched or sandblasted.

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